Hi, I'm Monika,   


My family moved around A LOT. I was born in Chicago, then moved to Singapore for 6 years, Northern California till 2008, then we moved to Tokyo Japan, and now I have lived in Southern Californa since 2013.  I know its hard to keep track of. I barely can.

Moving around was tiring but taught me the importance of keeping a curious mind active and how to adapt to wherever I am in this crazy world.

I specialize in digital media, loving to constantly create online, telling stories through pictures and words, bringing different perspectives to life and my work with my unique perspective on the world and an eye for the unseen.


I have constant ants in my pants to travel. Traveling has been my way of expanding my mind and opening my eyes to new perspectives, new ideas and meeting the coolest people around the world.


I love people. I love listening, engaging and being around them. I thrive off of connecting and that's what our world is about today. Imagine trying to connect with people in the 90's and now today. Thank God for social media. 

I speak fluent pop culture. Memes are a great way to make anyone's day.  

Stay awhile, and connect with me! Let's be friends.