Fashion Finds in Europe

Fashion is a BIG part of who I am. I fell in LOVEEEE with fashion in Europe. I enjoyed how bold everyone was with their looks, no one is afraid to be different, people love to dress up and look nice. One thing I took away from this trip was that Europe has DEALS on fashion. I don't think I spent more than 25 euros on any piece of clothing I bought abroad.

These are some stores I found the biggest deals at over in Europe. 

Stradivarius is all over Europe kind of like how Forever 21 is in America. They have cute, fresh, and  fashionable clothes fairly priced, that are good quality. 

Yellow Jumpsuit, 19 euros

Shorts with ties, 17 euros

White Pants: 17 euros

Earings: 2 Euros

Primark is insane. When I first walked into Primark I was overwhelmed and instantly tired. Primarks are usually located in city centers, and is a six story building reflecting the color blue. 

Purse: 8 euros

Everything at Primark is inexpensive. I love that I could buy anything from house decor, accessories, souvenirs, or even makeup. 

At Primark, I was able to find deals like a pair of jeans for 15 euros, a sweater for 8 and a purse for 9. 


Vintage shops are great for unique style without the expensive $$$! You can get fun affordable looks in no time by digging through some quality items.


Episode is a vintage store mainly based in the Netherlands, with stores across Europe. They had 90's thrift; summer dresser, overalls, and some intense jackets.

Greek Fisherman hat: 15 euros

The Kilo shop is a simple tactic. Choose, weigh, and buy. Everything in the store is color-coded according to value, and the final price is according to the weight of your items. It's a fun place to shop if you love quality vintage pieces and a little bit of math.